Romney may not be “concerned with the very poor,”but middle-class should be very concerned about him

February 01, 2012 

Romney may not be “concerned with the very poor,” but the poor, middle-class should be very, very concerned about his safety net shredding, reverse-Robin Hood proposals


WATCH IT HERE, Mitt Romney said this on CNN this morning:


ROMNEY: I’m not concerned with the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich, they’re doing just fine. 


Romney’s admission that he is “not concerned with the very poor” is not news to anyone who’s looked at the deviled details of his tax and entitlement “reform” proposals.  But it is very interesting that his excuse for “not being concerned” about the poor is the very safety nets that he would shred to pieces if given the chance as President.


For instance, if given the chance, Romney would privatize Social Security, which would mean retirement insecurity, deep benefit cuts and his benefactors on Wall Street making out like bandits in the process.


Romney is fully on board with Paul Ryan’s radical reforms.  If given the chance, Romney would replace the guarantee of Medicare with a system of ever-shrinking private vouchers that would double seniors’ out-of-pocket costs.


If given the chance, Romney would adopt Paul Ryan’s reforms for Medicaid, that would leave 44 million Americans without any coverage, including most nursing home residents, and disabled people of all ages.  


The Paul Ryan budget Romney promises to sign into law gets “nearly two-thirds of its $4.5 trillion in budget cuts over 10 years from programs that serve people of limited means” including slashing Pell Grants for millions of students.


While it is painfully obvious and goes without saying that Mitt Romney is “not concerned with the very poor,” what must obviously be a joke is Romney’s claim to be not be “concerned about the very rich” given his reverse-Robin Hood tax policies that asks hundred-millionaires like himself to make less sacrifice and lower-income Americans to make more :  

Think Progress, Jan. 5: Romney’s Tax Plan Gives Millionaires A $150K Tax Cut, Raises Taxes On Low-Income Families: Think Progress has already found that 2012 GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney’s economic plan would explode the deficit to the tune of more than $6.5 trillion over the next decade, while doing next to nothing to help middle class or low-income Americans. In fact, Romney’s tax cut that is supposedly “focused” on the middle class gives literally no benefit to most middle class households.  The Tax Policy Center released an analysis today showing that, contrary to Romney’s rhetoric, the overwhelming majority of the benefits under the plan would go to the wealthy. In fact, compared to the policy in place today, Romney’s plan would give millionaires a $150,000 tax cut, while raising taxes on many low-income families.




Yeah, Mitt Romney is not concerned about the very rich just like Donald Trump is not concerned about publicity.