Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan Led the Fight Against Unlimited Corporate Influence in Elections

May 10, 2010

Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan Led the Fight Against Unlimited Corporate Influence in Elections on Behalf of Average Americans:


No Wonder Republicans Are Lining Up Against Her Now


President Obama: “During her time in this office, she’s repeatedly defended the rights of shareholders and ordinary citizens against unscrupulous corporations.  Last year, in the Citizens United case, she defended bipartisan campaign finance reform against special interests seeking to spend unlimited money to influence our elections.  Despite long odds of success, with most legal analysts believing the government was unlikely to prevail in this case, Elena still chose it as her very first case to argue before the Court.”


WashingtonDC– Americans United for Changed hailed Solicitor General Elena Kagan as a supremely qualified and fitting replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and blasted the desperate rhetoric and falsehoods already being leveled against her nomination by Senate Republicans.


Tom McMahon, Acting Executive Director, Americans United for Change:“Senate Republicans wasted no time today questioning the qualifications of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan despite her celebrated and trailblazing tenure as the first female Dean of Harvard Law School and despite already being confirmed by the Senate as the first female Solicitor General – the top lawyer responsible for representing the interests of the American people before the Supreme Court. 


“Perhaps what is really troubling the Republicans is that Elena Kagan didn’t put her keen legal mind and talents to use in Corporate America and instead built a solid record of public service that includes leading in the fight against corporate influence in elections.  As Solicitor General, Kagan represented the American people when the Supreme Court heard Citizens United v. FEC last year, which ended in a highly controversial 5-4 split decisionallowing unlimited corporate dollars to be spent in federal elections. Congressional Republicans, who welcome big corporate donorsand their lobbyistswith open arms, were overjoyed with the decisionthat undermines our Democracy and drowns out the voices of average Americans.  It’s no wonder that these same Republicans are lining up against Elena Kagan today.”


“Elena Kagan is supremely qualified nominee for the Supreme Court that deserves nothing less than a fair confirmation hearing and an up-or-down vote in the Senate.  Will Senate Republicans give Elena Kagan a fair shake – or just grasp at straws to make any excuse for delaying her nomination?  Sadly, the American people have come to expect political games from the ‘Party of No’ and it already appears this time will be no different.”


Click here to see a petition Americans United for Change circulated to its membership and on Facebook today urging the Senate to take swift action and hold fair confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Kagan:





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