New TV Ad in Iowa Enlists Help to Save the Renewable Fuel Standard

December 5, 2013

Jeremy Funk,
Lauren Weiner, 202-470-5870


New TV Ad in Iowa Enlists Help to Save Renewable Fuel Standard

Message: Tell the EPA to Put Family Farmers and Rural Economies Ahead of Big Oil Profits Launched

Watch "Simple Choice"
Watch 'Simple Choice':

Washington DC – On the same day the EPA is holds its public hearing on the proposed rule 2014 Standards for the Renewable Fuel Standard Program, Americans United for Change announced it is soon hitting the airwaves in Iowa in defense of the RFS. “Simple Choice” will air primarily in the Des Moines media market in the heart of the country where real people and their lives and livelihoods are at stake, while big oil advertises to elites in the DC market.  The ad urges the millions of Americans who benefit from the RFS – from family farmers, ethanol industry workers, secondary industries, surrounding economies, to American consumers paying less at the pump – to tell the EPA to do what’s best for rural America, not Big Oil’s bottom line. 

Viewers are encouraged to visit operated by Americans United ally, the 360,000+ supporter veterans group, and sign up to be part of a team of real Americans who will communicate the importance of renewable fuels and the RFS to our nation's leaders, including those who aspire to lead the country in the future.

Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: "The industry that brought us the Gulf oil spill loves the new RFS rule as it stands and would love nothing more than to keep rural America quiet until the ink is dry.   That's why it's incredibly important that Americans in the heartland make their voices heard, because the strength in numbers of those who benefit from the RFS can beat Big Oil's deep pockets.  If this misguided EPA rule is made permanent, the ripple effect cannot be overstated.  As the family farmer and ethanol industry goes, so goes the positive economic growth we've seen in rural America since the RFS was established, so goes the hundreds of thousands of American jobs the industry has created, so goes the availability of fuel 70 cents cheaper wholesale than gasoline, so goes the billion dollars American consumers save every week, so goes the gains made in combating climate change and reducing dependence on oil from unstable regions overseas.   Big Oil knows that if they're successful at eliminating their cheaper, cleaner, better performing competition, then anything goes when it comes to prices at the pump.  The oil industry doesn’t care what it takes to rake in more profits, even if it means sending more of our troops, and money and jobs overseas.  This is a whole new standard in greed: an industry that can reap $23 billion in profit in one day while shamelessly collecting tens of billions of dollars in tax payer subsidies, and still want more.”


"Simple Choice"
Americans United for Change
TV (:30)

It’s a pretty simple choice.
Small towns?
Or Big Oil?
Jobs right here at home?
Or more jobs sent overseas?
Our economy?
Or theirs?
Family farms?
Or oil company profits?
It’s America’s energy, and it’s America’s choice.
Tell the E-P-A to stand with Iowa farmers and small towns, not big oil.
Tell the E-P-A: Don’t gut the renewable fuel standard.
Visit Save The R-F-S dot com.



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