UPDATED Top 10 List of Mitt Romney’s All-Time Out-of-Touch, 1% Moments - Seeks $10k Bet

December 11, 2011

Rocketing to #2 on the Charts, CBS News: ‘Romney seeks $10,000 bet during GOP debate’  

[See early reaction compiled by the DNC here:] 

10) Reuters, 08/18/2011: Romney says he’s "in sync" with Tea Party. [SEE ALSO: ‘POLL: 99 Percent Message Nearly Twice As Popular As Tea Party GOP Message

9) Think Progress: August 25: Romney: I’d Like To Repeal Wall Street Reform [IN RELATED NOTE: Center for Responsive Politics, Oct. 18: ‘Wall Street Donors Flock Most to Mitt Romney’]

8) (TIE) The Hill, August 29: ‘Romney: Beachfront home is being doubled in size, not quadrupled’ / / Gawker, June 21: ‘Romney Struggles to Find Non-$100 Bill in Wallet’

7) (TIE) Mother Jones, 10/18/2011Mitt on Foreclosures: "Let It...Hit the Bottom" // Romney on $3.45 gas: "That's a good price!"

6)  (3-WAY TIE) Huffington Post, 11/8/11: [Hundred-millionaireRomney: Federal Workers Are Making More Money Than I Am / / CBS News, Sept 21:Romney calls for a tax policy that will help "us" in the middle class  // Wall Street Journal, June 16: Romney’s Latest Laugh Line: ‘I’m Also Unemployed’

5)   Associated Press, September 17: “Most of the top Republicans running for president are embracing plans to partially privatize Social Security…Romney says the stock market collapse in 2008 shouldn't scare workers away from investing in private accounts.”  

4) ABC News, June 2: “Romney responded "yes" when asked if he would sign the plan written by Rep. Paul Ryan that would restructure Medicare if it reached his desk as President.” [SEE ALSO: FACT: Ryan-GOP Budget Plan “would essentially end Medicare”]

3)  (2-WAY TIE) New York Times op-ed, November 18, 2008: “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” by Mitt Romney // Think Progress, August 11: Romney: ‘Corporations Are People, My Friend’ 

2)  CBS News, Dec. 10. 2011:  ‘Romney seeks $10,000 bet during GOP debate

1)   THIS PHOTO from Romney’s days as CEO of Bain Capital, where he made obscene profits as five of the companies under his firm's direction went bankrupt and thousands of workers lost their jobs .  Apparently, finding places to stuff all those profits became something of a joke amongst Romney and his cohorts.   Mitt’s “Greed is good,” profits-before-people attitude so perfectly encapsulated in the photo is celebrated by the newly launched mock “Romney-Gekko 2012” campaign as nothing to be ashamed of.  Visit