AUFC Reacts to Senator McCain Skipping the GOP Convention

SEE: The Hill, 4/19/2016: 'McCain to skip GOP convention' 

Reaction from Brad Woodhouse, President, Americans United for Change: “Senator McCain is right that he’s within an inch of his political life, but skipping the Republican convention to campaign more is not going to help matters as long he keeps refusing to do his job of dealing with the Supreme Court vacancy. What should keep McCain up at night is the recent polling finding that 61 percent of Independent voters in Arizona are less likely to vote for him in November if he keeps obstructing the nomination process. McCain has made an already tough reelection all the more difficult for himself. And for what?  In hopes that the seat can be filled by Donald Trump, whom he has “many concerns” about, or Ted Cruz whom he called a “wacko bird” and “crazy”?    Once again, Senator McCain has ditched his “country first” motto for short-sighted political calculations. And whatever happened to the Bush-era McCain who said “I strongly believe that the president’s nominees deserve an up- or-down vote”?