Will Senator Snowe Vote to Increase the Average Family’s Taxes More Than $900?

Unless Congress Acts, Payroll Tax Cut Worth $914 For Maine Families Is Set To Expire At End Of December

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*See below for the impact on a county-by-county level*

Washington, DC – With the U.S. Senate set to vote this week on extending the payroll tax cut that impacts 800,000 Maine residents, who would see an average tax increase of $914 if the tax cut isn’t continued, Senator Olympia Snowe and her Republican colleagues need to decide if they’re going to put the middle class ahead of the 375 millionaires in Maine and give families a needed break during this holiday season.

Tom McMahon, Executive Director, Americans United for Change: “With experts saying a raise in payroll taxes could mean a loss of 400,000 jobs, this extension should be a no-brainer. So why is it that Republicans have dug in their heels over tax cuts that could mean an extra $914 for Maine families? How could the weight of millionaires and billionaires outweigh the needs of 160 million Americans who would benefit from this tax cut? Senator Snowe has to ask herself if she’s going to continue to defend the 1% at the expense of the rest of the country and her constituents.”

What economists of all political stripes are saying:


A county-by-county breakdown of the impact of the payroll tax cut for Maine 


Median Household Income

Savings From Payroll Tax Cut For Median Family (Expanded Cut)

Tax Increase For Median Family If Tax Cut Expires





Androscoggin County




Aroostook County




Cumberland County




Franklin County




Hancock County




Kennebec County




Knox County




Lincoln County




Oxford County




Penobscot County




Piscataquis County




Sagadahoc County




Somerset County




Waldo County




Washington County




York County





Source: US Census Bureau and internal calculations