Big Insurance Front Group Comes to Carlos Curbelo’s Rescue


Washington DC (Oct. 31, 2014) – You know you’re on the wrong side of an issue when your biggest cheerleaders are big health insurance companies. Enter a new lie-packed attack ad on Carlos Curbelo’s behalf from U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a front group for the insurance industry. The ad smears Congressman Joe Garcia (D-FL-26) for supporting the health law responsible for ending the worst health insurance industry practices, covering 15 percent more resident in Florida’s 26th District, and saving Florida seniors over $648 million on prescription drugs.  Get the facts below.


Big insurance companies have spent millions of dollars trying to kill health reform because they want to go back to the dark days of dropping people when they get seriously sick, capping coverage on patients with long-term illnesses like diabetes, charging women nearly double the premiums as men, and denying kids coverage born with pre-existing conditions like a heart murmur. And now they’re coming to Carlos Curbelo’s rescue because he’s on their side.  Curbelo promises to make legal again these awful practices so insurance companies can profit while Florida families go back to living one health emergency away from bankruptcy.  Curbelo promises to take away the health law;s new benefits and consumer protections Floridians are increasingly taking advantage of:






U.S. Chamber Of Commerce is a Front Group for the Health Insurance Industry, Has Severe Allergy to Facts as Evidenced by Latest Attack Ad