AUFC Thanks Senator Harry Reid for His Decades of Leadership on Behalf of Working Americans

Washington, DC (March 27, 2015) – Americans United for Change President Brad Woodhouse released the following statement following Sen. Harry Reid’s announcement he will not be running for reelection next year:

“Of Senator Reid’s decades of selfless public service, we are proud to have fought alongside him over these last 10 years to advance progressive values in Congress. Time and again, we witnessed why they call him ‘Give ‘em Hell Harry.’  He brought a boxer’s mentality into every fight for the middle class.  In 2005, we saw a tenacious Senator Reid put then-popular President Bush on the ropes for trying to privatize Social Security and put the retirement security of millions of Americans at risk. That was the first fight Americans United took on with Senator Reid. In 2007, we saw Senator Reid force Republicans to filibuster a responsible end to the war in Iraq until they were blue in the face. At the height of the Great Recession left behind by President Bush that was leaving 800,000 Americans without jobs every month, Harry Reid was instrumental in delivering the recovery package and Wall Street reform that pulled the economy out of a tailspin and on course to creating 12 million jobs. Politicians had been talking about comprehensive health care reform for 40 years, but on Christmas Eve 2009, we saw Senator Reid find a way to get it over one last and tall hurdle to make it a reality that will save many lives and families from worry of going bankrupt over medical bills. We’ve seen Senator Reid go to the mat and outmaneuver his Republican counterparts on everything from health reform to making millionaires pay a fairer share, to filibuster reform and approving qualified judicial and executive nominations.  Senator Reid leaves behind a knockout legacy fighting for working families, fighting for fair pay, and fighting to make sure all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care.  For all Senator Reid has accomplished toward giving more Americans a shot at the middle class and protecting the health and retirement benefits Americans have earned, and for the work he will continue to do, we couldn’t possibly thank him enough.”